Our Story and Our Vision

In today's hyper-connected markets, business leaders and managers in Russia and around the world face growing demands on their attention, causing stress and reduced capacity to control and manage their lives and their companies. In response, Mindful Business Russia gives business leaders and employees the power to manage and evolve the most precious asset they have – their attention. Read More

About our Team

Mindful Business Russia was founded by Anastasia Gosteva, who servers as the company managing partner. Building upon her broad academic background in physics, psychology, and integral theory, combined with decades of meditation and mental development experience spanning East and West, Anastasia has developed MBR's practical, scientifically grounded training program. Read More

Our Clients and Partners

At Mindful Business Russia, we have the privilege of working with some of the most well known Russian and international companies, who realize that business success is significantly improved by giving careful attention to the development and well-being of their employees. Read More

The Science of Mindfulness: Transforming Leadership Development

From a neurobiological point of view, we are our attention. How we deploy our attention determines the way we feel, make decisions, communicate with others, and interact with the larger systems around us. For centuries, wisdom traditions have developed different skillful techniques to master attention and to cultivate well-being. Now science is confirming many of the benefits mindfulness can bring to our lives. Read More

What is Vertical Development?

Why are some leaders able to think creatively and make their companies thrive even in a crisis, while others lose control over the situation? Why does it come naturally for some leaders to seek employees' feedback and reflect on it, while others consider it a weakness? Why do many leadership development programs often give unsatisfactory results? Read More

Effectiveness or harmony? Both!

Discover our transformative leadership development training based on mindfulness and Action Inquiry process.

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