About our Team

Anastasia Gosteva

Mindful Business Russia was developed by founder and managing partner Anastasia Gosteva. She also designed and developed all of MBR’s programs.

Prior to founding MBR, Anastasia worked at Hearst Independent Media Russia and Hachette Shkulev Media Russia and was a director of the first Russian Integral Development Center, Open World, in Moscow. Being a meditation practitioner with 20 years of experience she always felt a need to find ways to integrate her practice into the business environment.

Her formal training includes a diploma in physics from Moscow State University and a diploma in psychology from Moscow Higher School of Psychology. Anastasia has accomplished a rigorous two-year training in family systemic constellations (Wiesloch Systemic Constellation Institute, Germany; and Moscow Institute for Consulting and Systemic Solutions) and a year-long training in structural systemic constellations (Austrian Institute for Systemic Practice, Constellation and Reconstruction Work; and Moscow Institute for Consulting and Systemic Solutions). She also has completed a two-year Embodied Practitioner Certification program from MetaIntegral Academy in San Francisco and is a certified Developmental Coach.

Anastasia is the author of four fiction books, two of which have been translated into English, Spanish and Korean.

Alexander Ross-Johnson

Alexander is a partner of Mindful Business Russia and a meditation teacher. Prior to joining the company he taught martial arts, Kyokushin karate and Yiquan (an internal style of Tai chi chuan) for more than 20 years.

Alexander first encountered meditation 5 years ago. When he learned about recent neuroscientific research regarding the effects of meditation on the human brain he decided to get a second degree in this field and is currently studying clinical psychology at the Russian State University for the Humanities.

Alexander’s current focus as a meditation teacher is on creating programs for teenagers, parents and schoolteachers and bringing mindfulness to Russian schools and universities. He is responsible for our non-profit educational projects and partnership with the Teach For All program in Russia and works as a second instructor in our business programs.

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