Our Story and Our Vision

Mindful Business is the first Russian consulting and training company to offer advanced, scientifically based mindfulness and vertical development programs for business leaders and managers.

Amidst increasing complexity and information, business leaders and managers in Russia and around the world face growing demands on their attention, causing stress and diminishing capacity to control and manage their lives and their companies. We are all in over our heads and need new ways of creating a better, thriving future for ourselves, our companies and generations to come.

Our programs are the first in Russia to introduce mindfulness practice in a working context as well as Susanne Cook-Greuter’s developmental model and Bill Torbert’s practice of Action Inquiry.

Using state-of-the art findings in neuroscience, psychology and medicine, MBR’s cus- tomized programs are designed to enhance performance effectiveness, reduce stress, create opportunities for transformative business development and enable executives to thrive amidst the growing complexity and stress of the modern work environment.

Why Mindfulness and Vertical Development?

In today’s interconnected, high-tech world, overloaded with informational challenges, every business decision has a global impact and we rarely have much time for considerations. As Robert Kegan explains in his book In Over Our Heads, “When we look at the complex demands of our work and our own complexity of mind, we discover a gap: our own mental complexity lags behind the complexity of the demands. We are in over our heads. The challenge is often misunderstood to be a need to better ‘cope with’ or ‘“deal with’ complexity. But coping and dealing are insufficient for meeting today’s complex challenges. We must adapt and evolve”.

To evolve means to become aware not only of what we do and how we do it (and the corresponding large systems context), but, most importantly, to become aware of the source inside us, from which we act and make decisions. More and more leaders today understand that the way they are present in the situation influences the whole outcome even more seriously than the formal managerial skills and techniques they are using.
“When we look at the complex demands of our work and our own complexity of mind, we discover a gap: our own mental complexity lags behind the complexity of the demands.” – Robert Kegan
MBR’s mindfulness programs are designed to develop this broader awareness at the level of our physical body, our emotions and our cognitive models to create a cradle and a crucible for personal transformation and evolution.

As a result, MBR benefits clients with improved clarity and focus, better decision-making ability, and increased control over their mental processes. Most importantly, the skills gained through our mindfulness training cultivate resilience and mastery of mental pro- cesses, emotions and action logics, helping our clients live out their fullest potential as leaders and human beings.

Our Mission

Mindful Business Russia exists to give business leaders and employees the power to manage and evolve the most precious asset they have – their attention – so that they can increase their effectiveness and live fuller, more impactful lives.

Most people don’t recognize that they possess a treasure that can transform their life at every moment: their attention. With the help of practical, scientifically grounded mindfulness programs, we envision business leaders in Russia and around the world living their lives more mindfully, with greater productivity, health, and fulfillment.

Effectiveness or harmony? Both!

Discover our transformative leadership development training based on mindfulness and Action Inquiry process.

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