Mindful Business training gives our clients dramatically improved clarity and focus, better decision-making ability, and increased control over mental processes.

The skills gained through our mindfulness training cultivate resilience and mastery of mental processes, emotions and action logics to help our clients live out their fullest potential as leaders and human beings.

Our programs are designed on the basis of an integral methodology developed by philosopher Ken Wilber. Although we don’t teach an integral approach, its main principles are implicitly present in the structure of our programs. We help our clients to develop awareness not only of their inner physical, emotional and mental processes (as all mindfulness programs do), but also the awareness of what Bill Torbert calls “the four territories of experience”: what you are doing, how you are thinking, your way of being and the results that you are experiencing in the (apparently) “outer” world.

We provide the first corporate mindfulness program in the world (as far as we know), that offers not only different mindfulness techniques, but also a practical introduction to the developmental theory and the concept of vertical development. We also offer our clients an opportunity to get their Leadership Maturity Profile.

Another unique quality of this program is that it introduces techniques that are quite unfamiliar in the West and developed by the meditation master of MBR’s founder Anastasia Gosteva. These techniques are simple and powerful and have proved their effectiveness during the toughest negotiations or when stress is high.

Mindful Leader Program

This is the premier program of MBR. It is a comprehensive, in-depth and rigorous program for modern leaders looking for new instruments for self transformation. The program is comprised of a two-day workshop and four two-hour post-workshop weekly sessions. More

Mindful Manager Program

Our Mindful Manager Program is a shorter, more basic program that can be customized to the needs of a concrete department - sales, advertising, finance, etc. It is comprised of a one-day workshop and four two-hour post-workshop weekly sessions or five three-hour weekly sessions. More

Effectiveness or harmony? Both!

Discover our transformative leadership development training based on mindfulness and Action Inquiry process.

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