You are where your attention goes. Using a unique combination of neuroscience data, mindfulness practices, and the latest research in developmental theory, the Mindful Leader Program enhances leadership effectiveness by teaching you how to master your attention.

Unlock new perspectives with a new scale of vision

The Mindful Leader Program is MBR’s premier program for business leaders. It is a comprehensive, in-depth and rigorous mindfulness training program for modern executives looking for the most powerful instruments of self-transformation. In this immersive training, leaders will learn to:


  • Respond more effectively to problems, especially adaptive problems that have no clear answers
  • Purposefully and mindfully generate a preferred future, a thriving future … for yourself, your organization, your community
  • Develop enhanced resilience, emotional control and empathy
  • Become familiar with your cognitive models and action logics
  • Find the inner source of your leadership presence and excellence
  • Learn how to be relaxed and alert, calm and effective even in highly stressful surroundings
  • Increase general well-being.

Program Details

The Mindful Leader Program is comprised of one two-day workshop and four two-hour post-workshop weekly sessions.

The workshop begins with an introduction to the neuroscience of mindfulness so that every participant gains a clear understanding of how his brain and nervous system work and how meditation can help him to become familiar with his work and even alter or control it.

Participants also learn all basic mindfulness techniques and special practices developed to deal with our emotional triggers and reactive emotions and helping us to become more aware of our emotional filters.

And finally participants get an introduction to the vertical development model, the practices of Action Inquiry and how they can be mindful of their cognitive and meaning-making habits and limiting beliefs and transform them right at the moment they are noticed.

The program is strongly oriented to helping participants not only introduce mindfulness into their everyday life — in the office as well as at home — but to start the process of transitioning toward a more developed, more complex action logic. Approximately one-third of the program is didactic content and two-thirds is mindfulness training, which includes individual and dyadic exercises and group meditations.

Effectiveness or harmony? Both!

Discover our transformative leadership development training based on mindfulness and Action Inquiry process.

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