Alla Osadchaya

The charm and merit of the Mindful Leader course for me were in its complex approach, the set of techniques and exercises united by the same goal, but allowing one to change the object and direction of attention, and in its secularity — it doesn’t correspond to any religion or confession. The practice is naturally built into your everyday life without any connection to religious rituals. And I consider this to be of special value as it significantly broadens the field where it can be applied. I used to practice Zen non-object meditation (without any system) and I know from that time that even 15 minutes of meditation a day calms your mind and stabilizes your inner condition. I’m now determined to start practicing on a regular basis. But it’s not simple. Even knowing what to do and how it is useful to be mindful in all my activities, I find it’s difficult to keep my focus on awareness of the present moment. I’m telling myself that success comes with tenacity.

Alla Osadchaya, Alvarez & Marsal (Moscow office), Director


Alla Osadchaya, Alvarez & Marsal (Moscow office), Director

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